Christ Is Coming - I Thessalonians 5:6

  • Joe Focht
  • DEV160
  • 7/31/2015
I Thessalonians 5
  1. Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober.

End Times

Christ Is Coming Watch Like A Soldier Can You See it Coming? Waiting Up Now is the Time Pt.1 Now is the Time Pt.2 Denying the Power Is Today the Day? Apostacy What Is Reality The European Union God's Plan For Us A Day When Wars Will be Over That Is Where The World Is Heading They Would Rather Come From Monkeys In That Day... What a Day That Will Be The Hope of Our Calling It Will be Said in that Day A Form of Godliness Come My People He Closed the Book You Must Continue The One Thing We Must Succeed In A Challenge to Kids, Parents, and Grandparents Not Enduring Sound Doctrine What If You Knew the Lord Was Returning This Week? The Lord Roars From Zion The Word of God Rises Up We Will Not Be Ashamed The Greatest Message In History Are We Living With Expectancy When The Kingdom Comes The Return Of Christ Toe Time What God Has Prepared For Us Enoch Walked With God We Will Not Be Moved Living In The Last Days The Tribulation And The Mark Of The Beast Globalism And The Last Days You Can Feel It Scheduled To Be Deceived Not Worthy To Be Compared The Restrained Version The Return Of Christ The Spiritual Equivilant of a Weather Channel Addict The Importance of Prophecy Knowledge Will Increase The Wonders Of The Millenium Names That Should Have Never Been Heard In Jerusalem A Prophetic Tension Our Blessed Hope The Coming Of The Lord Draweth Nigh Live Like We Are Watching The Nations Shall Come Ready And Watching Human Relationships Learning To Watch Being A Doorkeeper Taking A Stand In A Corrupt World Who Is Behind What We See Today Thinking Of Life Like A 24 Hour Day Living Out What We Believe In 2020 - Pt.1 Living Out What We Believe In 2020 - Pt.2 These Are The Birth Pains A Shot Across Our Bow Lift Up Your Heads Imagine That Day A Literal Return The Future Of Jerusalem A Literal Millenium Like A Light In A Dark Place You Will Be Marginalized His Righteous Soul Was Vexed Like The Days Of Noah And Lot Passing Away Or Abiding Forever The Return of the King! Enoch Walked With God With His Saints The Signs Of The Times Living In Expectancy The One In Control This Is Not Our Citizenship