Current Messages

The most recent teachings from our Sunday morning and Wednesday evening services.

Sunday Morning

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
SAM1157 I John 3:4-12 What Ever Happened to Sin?
SAM1156 I John 2:28-3:3 Let's Move Forward
SAM1155 I John 2:18-27 Truth or Consequences
SAM1154 II Timothy 1:5 For Moms Today
SAM1153 I John 2:12-17 The Word for Today

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Wednesday Bible Study

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
WED1041 Matthew 6:9-24
WED1040 Matthew 5:31-6:8
WED1039 Matthew 5:13-30
WED1038 Matthew 4:12-5:12
WED1037 Matthew 3:13-4:11

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