Straight From The Heart
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10/26/2020 SPM624 Romans 1:1-17 Paul, a bondservant. While at Corinth during his third missionary journey, Paul wrote to the church at Rome who he "longed to see." The book of Romans is an extraordinary theological explanation of the truths and implications of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
10/23/2020 SPM623 Acts 28 We came to Rome. In the concluding chapter of the book of Acts, Paul finally arrived in Rome. Paul proclaimed the good news that "the salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will hear it!"
10/22/2020 SPM623 Acts 28 The guy on the island. God directed Paul through a storm on the sea to the island of Malta, where a ministry to the island natives awaited him. The storms of life are sometimes God's way of preparing us for the work ahead.
10/21/2020 SPM622 Acts 26:24-27:44 The storms of life. Luke, Paul, and a ship full of men on the way to Rome encountered a severe windstorm that threatened their lives. We may face storms in life that lead us to a place where all hope seems lost.
10/20/2020 SPM622 Acts 26:24-27:44 An almost Christian? King Agrippa said he was "almost persuaded to become a Christian" after hearing Paul’s testimony. There is no such thing as an "almost" Christian. Paul boarded a ship to begin his voyage to Rome.
10/19/2020 SPM621 Acts 25:1-26:23 Paul recounts his conversion. In his longest recorded testimonial, Paul shared with King Agrippa how Jesus changed his life forever. Are we prepared to give a defense for our faith in Jesus Christ?
10/16/2020 SPM621 Acts 25:1-26:23 "To Caesar you shall go!" Paul petitioned to be brought before Caesar in a Roman court rather than to endure further false accusations from the religious Jews. Paul's case was brought before King Agrippa to see if it was worthy of Caesar's time.
10/15/2020 SPM620 Acts 23:12-24:27 Paul's defense before Felix. Paul was brought to Caesarea to be tried before Felix the governor. Felix, moved by Paul's testimony, decided to temporarily keep Paul under his protection.
10/14/2020 SPM620 Acts 23:12-24:27 A plot against Paul. The Jews conspired together to come up with a plan to kill Paul. Paul's nephew, overhearing their devious plot, was able to warn Paul of the sinister plan and help to spare his life.
10/13/2020 SPM619 Acts 22:1-23:11 The Lord stood by him. Paul caused division and dispute among the Sanhedrin after proclaiming the truth before them. Once again his life was threatened. The truth and security in God's Word surpasses our feelings and emotions.
10/12/2020 SPM619 Acts 22:1-23:11 This man is a Roman. Paul's citizenship as a Roman was part of God's sovereign plan. Paul appealed to the ruling authorities as a citizen and avoided being beaten. Instead, he was sent to speak before the Sanhedrin so they might learn why Paul was so hated by the Jews.