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4/23/2021 WED678 II Samuel 21:15-23:7 Deliverance from enemies- The end of chapter 21 shares records of some of David's epic battles with the Philistines as the king of Israel, including the brother of Goliath, and another giant with six fingers and toes! In chapter 22, David shares a song of praise for God's deliverance from Saul which is identical to Psalm 18.
4/22/2021 WED677 II Samuel 19:24-21:14 Don't be a people pleaser- 2 Samuel chapter 21 looks back to a three year period during the reign of David when there was a famine in the land. God told David the reason for the famine was because Saul violated an oath in his day made between Israel and the Gibeonites. Israel swore to protect the Gibeonites, but Saul acted violently toward them to please the people.
4/21/2021 WED677 II Samuel 19:24-21:14 Sheba's rebellion- With seemingly every obstacle out of the way, David was embraced by a great portion of the people of Judah and Israel to be made king once again. However, where there are signs of healing and peace, there will always be a spirit of rebellion threatening to cause division.
4/20/2021 WED677 II Samuel 19:24-21:14 How long do I have to live?- Two loyal servants, Mephibosheth and Barzillai, were offered material wealth for their faithfulness to David, but they were more interested in the glory of the king than their own prosperity. Many people are too caught up in worldly pleasures to bother thinking about the brevity of life.
4/19/2021 WED676 II Samuel 18:1-19:23 Bringing back the king- After Absalom's death the people of Israel disputed among themselves about whether or not to ask David to return as king. David graciously waited until he was invited back and accepted by the people once again. There will always be disorder if the right king is not on the throne.
4/16/2021 WED676 II Samuel 18:1-19:23 Truth isn't always popular- Joab sent a messenger back to David to inform him of their victory, and the death of Absalom. Ahimaaz, the son of Zadok, pleaded with Joab that he also might go deliver news to the king, but Ahimaaz could not bring himself to tell David the truth of all that happened when the time came. The truth will not always be a popular message.
4/15/2021 WED676 II Samuel 18:1-19:23 The death of Absalom- The conflict between David and Absalom came to a climax when David's loyal servants engaged in battle with Absalom and the army of Israel. David asked his mighty men to be merciful to Absalom, but when Joab found Absalom caught in a tree, he and his men surrounded Absalom and killed him.
4/14/2021 WED675 II Samuel 15:32-17:29 The fate of Ahithophel- When Ahithophel realized that Absalom did not listen to his counsel, he returned home and hung himself, finally consumed by the poison of bitterness. Ahithophel ultimately committed suicide because he refused let go of his hatred toward David. Suicide is a lie from Satan, who desires to destroy human lives.
4/13/2021 WED675 II Samuel 15:32-17:29 When the wicked prosper- Absalom, now reigning in Jerusalem, sought counsel with Ahithophel and Hushai. Ahithophel's advice was motivated purely by his hatred for David, while Hushai wanted to stall to give David more time to flee. Why would Absalom listen to Husahai at all? The Lord's purposes will be accomplished no matter how wicked the ruling authorities are.
4/12/2021 WED675 II Samuel 15:32-17:29 Adding insult to injury- David still had some trusted friends in his exile, including Hushai, who returned to Jerusalem as a spy on the king's behalf. Unfortunately, more numerous on David's path were men like Ziba and Shimei, speaking lies and cursing David. The enemy will always take advantage of opportunities to kick us while we're down.
4/9/2021 WED674 II Samuel 15:7-31 Faith in who God is- Realizing the danger he was in due to Absalom's rebellion, David chose to flee from Jerusalem. In one of the darkest moments of his life, David trusted in who God is, rather than blaming God for his circumstances. True faith is trusting God because of His character, and not just because of what He does for us.
4/8/2021 WED674 II Samuel 15:7-31 The conspiracy grew strong- Absalom's efforts to take the throne gained momentum, as the people in Israel began to join his cause. Notable among the conspirators was Ahithophel, one of David's closest counselors. Ahithophel was consumed with hatred because of David's sin with his granddaughter Bathsheba. The Holy Spirit can help us overcome the poison of bitterness.
4/7/2021 WED673 II Samuel 13:21-15:6 Another missed opportunity- Joab convinced David to bring home his son Absalom, but David refused to see his son for two years. Once again, David had a chance to make peace. Unfortunately, when David finally saw Absalom, Absalom's bitterness had grown so deep that he was already planning a rebellion against his father the king.
4/6/2021 WED673 II Samuel 13:21-15:6 Family drama- Absalom devised a plan to murder his brother Amon to take revenge for what Amnon did to Tamar. After successfully murdering his brother, Absalom fled and remained in hiding for three years. God knows all the details about our family struggles and difficulties.
4/5/2021 WED673 II Samuel 13:21-15:6 Break the cycle- When David heard about what happened between Amnon and Tamar it says he was "very angry." But David was too paralyzed by the regrets of his past to intervene in the situation. Only the Lord can give us the strength to break a dangerous cycle of sin in our family.