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8/14/2020 SPM603 Acts 8:26-9:5 Responding to the Spirit. There are times when the Spirit prompts us to do things that don't seem very logical. Learning from the faith of Philip. Saul of Tarsus was "breathing threats and murder" against the church. *Book Recommendation* - "The Life and Epistles of St. Paul" by Conybeare and Howson.
8/13/2020 SPM603 Acts 8:26-9:5 The value of a life. Philip lead the Ethiopian eunuch to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Are we ready to share our faith when the Holy Spirit opens a door? Who is that person the Lord has put in our path that needs to hear the gospel?
8/12/2020 SPM603 Acts 8:26-9:5 A divine appointment. An angel of the Lord instructed Philip to leave the spiritual revival happening in Samaria and go down to the desert. Philip, in faith, obeyed the command and found a man of Ethiopia searching the scriptures for truth.
8/11/2020 SPM602 Acts 7:54-8:25 Philip the evangelist. Where there is spiritual progress there will always be opposition. Philip brought the good news of the gospel to the people of Samaria and many lives were transformed. The apostle John is mentioned for the last time in the book of Acts.
8/10/2020 SPM602 Acts 7:54-8:25 Stephen the martyr. After Stephen's death, great persecution came against the church. Saul of Tarsus was heavily involved in terrorizing Christians. It was a dark time, but God is always at work. The gospel spread from Jerusalem to the surrounding regions as a result of persecution.
8/7/2020 SPM601 Acts 6:1-7:54 Stephen's sermon part 2. Stephen concludes his sermon with powerful words of conviction toward the Jewish religious leaders. The impression this great sermon made on Saul of Tarsus cannot be understated. Stephen was a man "full of faith and the Holy Spirit" whose life and ministry still impact us today.
8/6/2020 SPM601 Acts 6:1-7:54 Stephen's sermon part 1. Stephen is falsely accused of speaking blasphemous words against the Jews and Moses. In response, Stephen begins a remarkable sermon showing how the Jews had a long history of rejecting those sent by God, including Joseph, Moses, and now Jesus! *Book Recommendation* - "Bible History: Old Testament" by Alfred Edersheim
8/5/2020 SPM601 Acts 6:1-7:54 Discrimination in the church. The apostles chose 7 faithful men to help address the needs of a minority group in the church who felt neglected. One of those men was Stephen, the first martyr of the church. What are the requirements for one serving in the office of a deacon?
8/4/2020 SPM600 Acts 5 Obey God rather than men. Living in God's will does not always lead to health and wealth. The apostles were imprisoned and beaten for preaching the name of Jesus, but they rejoiced to suffer for the sake of Christ. Gamaliel was a voice of reason among the Pharisee's.
8/3/2020 SPM600 Acts 5 Ananias and Sapphira. Barnabas is an upright man of great Christian character. In contrast, Ananias and Sapphira are held in front of us as an example because of their disobedience. There was a healthy fear of God in the early church that allowed the Holy Spirit to do great signs and wonders through the apostles.
7/31/2020 SPM599 Acts 4:13-4:37 Praying for boldness. The apostles responded to persecution by asking God for boldness to speak the truth. The church must remain unified and committed to sharing the gospel with a world that is increasingly anti-Christian.
7/30/2020 SPM599 Acts 4:13-4:37 Uneducated and untrained men. Does the world see us as people who have "been with Jesus?" Peter and John stand in civil disobedience against the ruling authorities. We are called to submit to the government as Christians, but when is civil disobedience justifiable?
7/29/2020 SPM598 Acts 3:12-4:13 Facing persecution. Peter and John are put in custody and brought before the Sanhedrin after the healing of the man at the gate of the temple. This marks the beginnings of real persecution against Christianity and the church. Peter proclaims that Jesus is the only way to salvation.
7/28/2020 SPM598 Acts 3:12-4:13 Why are you amazed? The attention of thousands of people has been drawn toward Peter and John after the Holy Spirit miraculously worked through Peter to heal a man who was crippled from birth. Peter rightfully uses the opportunity to preach the gospel, and deflect the crowd's attention toward Jesus.
7/27/2020 SPM597 Acts 2:41-3:11 "Silver and gold I do not have." Peter miraculously heals a man at the gate of the temple through the power of the Holy Spirit. Do healing miracles still happen? The greatest gift we have to offer the world is the gospel of Jesus Christ.