Straight From The Heart
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7/3/2020 WED432 Matthew 27:32-66 Death and burial. There were some who wanted to keep Jesus in the tomb. Matthew shares some important (and strange) details about the death and burial of Jesus not given by the other gospel writers.
7/2/2020 WED432 Matthew 27:32-66 God forsaken of God? What a mysterious but glorious truth that "He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him." All roads do NOT lead to heaven. The truth is, no amount of works or effort on our behalf will please God. Only the blood of Jesus can lead us to a relationship with our creator.
7/1/2020 WED432 Matthew 27:32-66 Three Hours of darkness. A man named Simon bears the cross of Jesus on the way to Golgotha. We all have a cross to bear. Jesus is crucified, and darkness falls on the land, as He bears the wrath of the Father and the sin of the world.
6/30/2020 WED431 Matthew 26:55-27:31 What do we do with Jesus? It's not enough just to know about Him. Pilate found Jesus to be a just and innocent man, but what impact did that have on his life?
6/29/2020 WED431 Matthew 26:55-27:31 Repentance vs Remorse. Dealing with failure. Do our disappointments lead us back to Jesus? Learning from Peter and Judas.
6/26/2020 WED431 Matthew 26:55-27:31
6/25/2020 WED430 Matthew 26:14-54
6/24/2020 WED430 Matthew 26:14-54
6/23/2020 WED429 Matthew 25:14-26:13
6/22/2020 WED429 Matthew 25:14-26:13
6/19/2020 WED428 Matthew 24:36-25:13
6/18/2020 WED428 Matthew 24:36-25:13
6/17/2020 WED427 Matthew 24:15-35
6/16/2020 WED427 Matthew 24:15-35
6/15/2020 WED426 Matthew 24:6-14