Teaching # Speaker Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
ECPC1401 Wes Bentley Session 1: Daniel 6
ECPC1402 Various Speakers Panel Discussion- What Now? Session 2
ECPC1403 Louis Neely Psalm 101 Session 3: Choices and Consequences
ECPC1403i Louis Neely Session 3 Post Interview
ECPC1404 Damian Kyle Hebrews 11 Session 4: Protect Your Hope by Faith
ECPC1404i Damian Kyle Session 4 Post Interview
ECPC1405 Don McClure Session 5: What is the Servant of God?
ECPC1405i Don McClure Session 5 Post Interview
ECPC1406 Various Speakers Panel Discussion- What Next? Session 6
ECPC1407 Pete Nelson Matthew 26 Session 7: Finding Freedom in Jesus
ECPC1407i Pete Nelson Session 7 Post Interview
ECPC1408 Raul Ries Session 8: Matthew 16:24-26
ECPC1408i Raul Ries Session 8 Post Interview
ECPC1409 John Randall II Kings 2 Session 9: Take Up the Mantle
ECPC1409i John Randall Session 9 Post Interview
ECPC1410 Damian Kyle Hebrews 12 Session 10: Let Us Run with Endurance
ECPC1410i Damian Kyle Session 10 Post Interview
Worship 2014 East Coast Pastor's Conference Live Worship