Our library of teaching from Pastor Joe includes verse-by-verse and topical messages, through the entire Bible, from Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening bible studies.

Verse By Verse

These teachings feature an examination of a selected passage of scripture, one verse at a time.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
WED514 Genesis 1:1-1:5
WED515 Genesis 1:6-25
WED516 Genesis 1:26-2:3
WED517 Genesis 2:4-25
WED518 Genesis 3:1-24
WED519 Genesis 4
WED520 Genesis 4:25-6:4
WED521 Genesis 6:5-8:5
WED522 Genesis 8-9
WED523 Genesis 10-11
WED524 Genesis 12:1-13:4
WED525 Genesis 13:5-14:18
WED526 Genesis 14:18-15:21
WED527 Genesis 16
WED528 Genesis 17:1-18:23
WED529 Genesis 18:23-19:38
WED530 Genesis 20-21
WED531 Genesis 22-23
WED532 Genesis 24:1-25:11
WED533 Genesis 25:11-26:18
WED534 Genesis 26:17-28:9
WED535 Genesis 28:10-30:25
WED536 Genesis 30:25-32:32
WED537 Genesis 33:1-35:8
WED538 Genesis 35:9-37:11
WED539 Genesis 37:12-39:10
WED540 Genesis 39-40
WED541 Genesis 41
WED542 Genesis 42:1-45:4
WED543 Genesis 45:1-47:12
WED544 Genesis 47:7-49:12
WED545 Genesis 49:13-50:26


These messages feature scriptural teaching on a particular topic. Most were recorded during our Sunday Morning services prior to 2010.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
M217 Genesis 4:1-5 Passing the Baton
SAM101 Genesis 1:1 God: Redeemer - Creator
SAM102 Genesis 3:1-6 Satan's Devices
SAM103 Genesis 3:7-15 Lost & Found
SAM104 Genesis 4:1-8 Cain & Abel
SAM105 Genesis 5:19-24 Enoch
SAM107 Genesis 12:1-5 The Call of God
SAM108 Genesis 13:14 Abraham & Lot
SAM109 Genesis 14:13-15:1 Refreshment in Battle
SAM110 Genesis 18:23-25 Delivered From Wrath
SAM111 Genesis 19:26 Lot's Wife - Fatal Attraction
SAM112 Genesis 22 The Offering of Isaac
SAM113 Genesis 25:19-34 Loving Jacob/Hating Esau
SAM114 Genesis 28:10-22 Jacob's Ladder
SAM115 Genesis 32:13-32 Governed by God
SAM116 Genesis 35:1-14 The Way Home
SAM117 Genesis 37:1-11 Spiritual Vision
SAM118 Genesis 39:1-11 The Tempting of Joseph
SAM120 Genesis 39:20-40:23 Joseph: The King's Prisoner
SAM121 Genesis 41 Forgotten of Man Not of God
SAM122 Genesis 45:1-15 I am Joseph
SAM123 Genesis 50:22-26 Joseph's Legacy
SAM124 Genesis 49:22-26 The Secret of Joseph
SAM125 Genesis 49:33 Jacob's Death
SPM553 The Holy Spirit is God 2007 Holy Spirit Series Pt.1