In Depth

In October of 2010 Pastor Joe began teaching verse-by-verse on Sunday Mornings. (Previously Sunday Evening and Wednesday Evenings had been verse by verse studies.) These studies feature a blend of verse-by-verse teaching with a special in-depth focus unique to our Sunday Morning services.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
SAM1124 I Peter 1:1-5 Our Living Hope
SAM1125 I Peter 1:6-12 Faith Here and Hereafter
SAM1126 I Peter 1:13-21 The Believers Response Ability
SAM1127 I Peter 1:22-2:3 God's Word Birthing & Sustaining
SAM1128 I Peter 2:4-10 Belonging
SAM1129 I Peter 2:11-17 Our Heavenly Citizenship
SAM1130 I Peter 2:18-25 Fit For the Master's Use
SAM1131 I Peter 3:1-6 Believing Wives
SAM1132 I Peter 3:7 Believing Husbands
SAM1133 I Peter 3:8-12 Submitting All to Christ
SAM1134 I Peter 3:13-17 Hope For a Hopeless World
SAM1135 I Peter 3:18-22 Christ's Complete Victory
SAM1136 I Peter 4:1-11 In Light of His Coming
SAM1137 I Peter 4:12-19 God's Perspective on Suffering
SAM1138 I Peter 5:1-4 A Word to Leaders
SAM1139 I Peter 5:5-14 Be Humble, Be Watchful, Be Hopeful

Verse By Verse

These teachings feature an examination of a selected passage of scripture, one verse at a time.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
WED456 I Peter 1:1-6
WED457 I Peter 1:7-19
WED458 I Peter 1:20-2:3
WED459 I Peter 2:4-15
WED460 I Peter 2:15-25
WED461 I Peter 3:1-6
WED462 I Peter 3:7
WED463 I Peter 3:8-22
WED464 I Peter 4
WED465 I Peter 5


These messages feature scriptural teaching on a particular topic. Most were recorded during our Sunday Morning services prior to 2010.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
1515 I Peter 1:1-5 Our Hope and Inheritance
1516 I Peter 3:1-6 Christian Wives
1517 I Peter 3:7 Christian Husbands
1518 I Peter 5:5-11 Peter's Final Exhortation
SAM835 I Peter 1:1-5 A Living Hope