Our library of teaching from Pastor Joe includes verse-by-verse and topical messages, through the entire Bible, from Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening bible studies.

Verse By Verse

These teachings feature an examination of a selected passage of scripture, one verse at a time.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
WED665 II Samuel 1-2
WED666 II Samuel 3:1-5:8
WED667 II Samuel 5:9-6:15
WED668 II Samuel 6:15-7:29
WED669 II Samuel 8-9
WED670 II Samuel 10:1-11:5
WED671 II Samuel 11:6-12:13
WED672 II Samuel 12:14-13:20
WED673 II Samuel 13:21-15:6
WED674 II Samuel 15:7-15:31
WED675 II Samuel 15:32-17:29
WED676 II Samuel 18:1-19:23
WED677 II Samuel 19:24-21:14
WED678 II Samuel 21:15-23:7
WED679 II Samuel 23:8-23:39
WED680 II Samuel 24


These messages feature scriptural teaching on a particular topic. Most were recorded during our Sunday Morning services prior to 2010.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
SAM243 II Samuel 2:1-5 Should I Go, Lord?
SAM244 II Samuel 5:1-10 King of the Heartland
SAM245 II Samuel 6:1-15 Bringing up the Ark
SAM246 II Samuel 7:18 When God Says
SAM247 II Samuel 9 The Kindness of God
SAM248 II Samuel 11 David & Bathsheba
SAM249 II Samuel 12:7 Thou Art the Man
SAM251 II Samuel 14:14 Bringing Back the Banished
SAM253 II Samuel 17:23 Ahithopel: Destroyed by Bitterness
SAM255 II Samuel 23:1-7 David's Famous Last Words
SAM256 II Samuel 24 Holy Fire
YWCE1403 II Samuel 9 Grace Received, Grace Bestowed