Teaching # Speaker Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
ECPC1301 Don McClure Numbers 22 The Error of Balaam
ECPC1302 Chuck Smith (Video Feed)
ECPC1303 Louis Neely II Corinthians 10 Weapons for a Spiritual War
ECPC1304 Damian Kyle Revelation 3 Seeking the Holy Spirit
ECPC1305 Louis Neely Luke 11 Exercising the Gift of Prayer
ECPC1306 Bil Gallatin The Importance of Godly Speech
ECPC1308 Don McClure II Chronicles 32 King Hezekiah
ECPC1309 Damian Kyle Luke 14 Taking the Lower Place
G572 Damian Kyle John 18:28-38 "I find no fault in Him"
Worship 2013 East Coast Pastor's Conference Live Worship