Teaching # Speaker Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
ECMC1001 Phil Metzger ECMC 2010 1st Main Session
ECMC1002 Seige Poteau ECMC 2010 2nd Main Session
ECMC1003 John Dekker ECMC 2010 3rd Main Session
ECMC1004 Jeff Jackson 4th Main Session
ECMC1005 Bil Gallatin ECMC 2010 5th Main Session
ECMC1006 David Guzik ECMC 2010 6th Main Session
ECMC1007 John Dekker Things I Wish I Knew Before the Field Discering God's Call:
ECMC1008 Joe Focht at Home and Around the World Reaching and Loving Muslims
ECMC1009 Jeff Jackson Culture Matters: Right in Your Own Neighborhood
ECMC1010 Chuck Walton Translation Missions and Bible
ECMC1011 Phil Metzger Making Missions a Part of Your Everyday Life Panel Discussion