Teaching # Speaker Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
ECPC2301 Zach Adams John 9:1-12 Session 1: Personal Testimony
ECPC2302 Sandy Adams Matthew 25:14-23 Session 2: Well Done, Not Burned Out
ECPC2303 Damian Kyle Zechariah 1:7-17 Session 3: Encouragments from Zechariah's Visions
ECPC2304 Dr. Michael Vlach Session 4: A Case Against Replacement Theology
ECPC2305 Al Pittman II Timothy 4:5 Session 5: Keep Driving the Bus
ECPC2306 Troy  Warner Joel 1:1-4 Session 6: Perhaps He Will
ECPC2307 Chris Swansen Psalm 19 Session 7: The Empowering of the Spirit
ECPC2308 Mike McClure I Peter 5:1-11 Session 8: What a Shepherd Does
ECPC2309 Don McClure II Kings 18:5 Session 9: Lessons from King Hezekiah
G766 Damian Kyle Psalm 131