Teaching # Speaker Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
Ministry Portraits - Wisdom for Pastors
ECPC2201 Wes Bentley Far Reaching Ministries
ECPC2202 Paul Stege Personal Testimony
ECPC2203 Gary Hamrick John 5:1-8 Spirit Led Ministry
ECPC2204 Alwyn Wall Luke 10:30-37 The Good Samaritan
ECPC2205 Bobby Hargraves Are You Being Filled?
ECPC2206 Fermin  IV I Timothy 1:12-17 Personal Testimony
ECPC2207 Don McClure Matthew 7:21-27 Building on the Rock
ECPC2208 Troy  Warner Lessons for Leaders
ECPC2209 Malcolm Wild I Thessalonians 1:1-8 God's Word Sounding Forth