Teaching # Speaker Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
ECPC2101 Dan Baumann Session 1
ECPC2102 General William G. Boykin Session 2- Trouble in the Land
ECPC2103 Mike McClure Daniel 1:1-8 Session 3- How Do You Live in Babylon?
ECPC2104 Rich Chaffin Matthew 11:25-30 Session 4- Rest Your Burdens on Jesus
ECPC2105 Alistair Begg Ephesians 6:10-24 Session 5- Paul Asks for Prayer
ECPC2106 Mike McClure Session 6- Interview with Mike McClure
ECPC2107 Don McClure Revelation 2:1-5 Session 7
ECPC2108 Bobby Hargraves II Timothy 4:1-5 Session 8
ECPC2109 Louis Neely Session 9- Living in the Holy Spirit