Our library of teaching from Pastor Joe includes verse-by-verse and topical messages, through the entire Bible, from Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening bible studies.

Verse By Verse

These teachings feature an examination of a selected passage of scripture, one verse at a time.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
WED629 Judges 1-2
WED630 Judges 3
WED631 Judges 4-5
WED632 Judges 6:1-6:32
WED633 Judges 6:33-7:22
WED634 Judges 7:23-8:35
WED635 Judges 9:1-10:14
WED636 Judges 10:15 - 11:40
WED637 Judges 12-13
WED638 Judges 14-15
WED639 Judges 16
WED640 Judges 17-18
WED641 Judges 19-21


These messages feature scriptural teaching on a particular topic. Most were recorded during our Sunday Morning services prior to 2010.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
SAM206 Judges 2:8-16 Stand Up and be Counted
SAM207 Judges 3:5-11 Othniel
SAM208 Judges 3:12-30 Ehud & Eglon
SAM210 Judges 4-5 Deborah
SAM211 Judges 5:24 The Blessing of Jael
SAM212 Judges 6:11-16 Gideon: Called of God
SAM214 Judges 7:7 Fit for Battle
SAM215 Judges 7:9-23 The Battle Belongs the Lord
SAM216 Judges 14:1-10 Samson Went Down
SAM217 Judges 16:4-21 Like Every Other Man
SAM218 Judges 16:21-31 The Restoration of Samson