Our library of teaching from Pastor Joe includes verse-by-verse and topical messages, through the entire Bible, from Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening bible studies.

Verse By Verse

These teachings feature an examination of a selected passage of scripture, one verse at a time.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
SPM563 John 1:1-1:14
SPM564 John 1:15-1:42
SPM565 John 1:43-2:25
SPM566 John 3
SPM567 John 4:1-42
SPM568 John 4:43-5:18
SPM569 John 5:19-47
SPM570 John 6:1-6:27
SPM571 John 6:22-6:52
SPM572 John 6:53-7:53
SPM573 John 8:1-38
SPM574 John 8:39-9:9
SPM575 John 9:10-9:41
SPM576 John 10:1-10:18
SPM577 John 10:19-10:42
SPM578 John 11:1-11:46
SPM579 John 11:47-12:11
SPM580 John 12:12-12:50
SPM581 John 13
SPM582 John 14:1-27
SPM583 John 14:27-15:9
SPM584 John 15:10-16:11
SPM585 John 16:12-16:33
SPM586 John 17:1-12
SPM587 John 17:13-18:12
SPM588 John 18:13-19:12
SPM589 John 19:12-19:42
SPM590 John 20:1-23
SPM591 John 20:19-21:14
SPM592 John 21:15-21:25


These messages feature scriptural teaching on a particular topic. Most were recorded during our Sunday Morning services prior to 2010.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
M206 John 14:1-6 Heaven
SAM1014 John 20 Gathering the Redeemed
SAM1058 John 20:18-23 Easter Commission
SAM1150 John 11:25-26 The Resurrection and the Life
SAM259 John 20:1-18 Easter with Mary Magdalene
SAM484 John 12:12-25 How Do You See Jesus
SAM530 John 20:19-30 Doubting Thomas
SAM611 John 1:14 He Dwelt Among Us
SAM612 John 1:35-51 What Are You Looking For?
SAM613 John 3:1-8 You Must Be Born Again
SAM614 John 3:9-16 The Dynamics of the New Birth
SAM615 John 3:16-20 Refusing the New Birth
SAM616 John 4:1-8 Part 1- Go to the Weary One
SAM617 John 4:7-19 Part 2- The Gift and the Giver
SAM618 John 4:15-29 Part 3- The Father is Seeking
SAM620 John 6:35 I AM the Bread of Life
SAM621 John 8:1-11 Caught in the Act
SAM622 John 9 What About Spiritual Blindness?
SAM623 John 10:1-6 How to Hear God's Word
SAM624 John 11:1-15 When God Delays
SAM625 John 11:17-35 I AM the Ressurection and the Life
SAM626 John 11:33-46 The Devine Summons
SAM627 John 12:1-11 What About Devotion?
SAM628 John 14:1-6 Cure for the Troubled Heart
SAM629 John 14:16 The Way The Truth The Life
SAM630 John 14:15-26 The Coming Comforter
SAM631 John 14:16-17 The Personality of the Spirit
SAM632 John 15:1-8 The Secret of Bearing Fruit
SAM633 John 16:7-11 The Witness of the Holy Spirit
SAM634 John 16:12-15 The Spirit of Truth
SAM635 John 17:1-5 Listening to Jesus Pray Pt.1
SAM636 John 17:6-19 Listening to Jesus Pray Pt 2
SAM637 John 17:20-26 Listening to Jesus Pray Pt. 3
SAM638 John 18:1-11 "The Lesson of Gethsemane"
SAM639 John 18 Indecision
SAM640 John 19:30 "It is Finished"
SAM641 John 20:11-18 "Mary Magdalene"
SAM642 John 20:24-31 Thomas the Skeptic
SAM643 John 21:1-14 Breakfast with the Master
SAM793 John 19:38-41 Treasuring the Kings Body
SAM968 John 20:1-18 The Woman Who Never Forgot
SPM554 The Person of the Holy Spirit 2007 Holy Spirit Series Pt.2
SPM557 The Spirit at Work in the World 2007 Holy Spirit Series Pt.5
SPM558 The Holy Spirit and the Believer 2007 Holy Spirit Series Pt.6
WED1033 Communion at the Garden Tomb