Our library of teaching from Pastor Joe includes verse-by-verse and topical messages, through the entire Bible, from Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening bible studies.

Verse By Verse

These teachings feature an examination of a selected passage of scripture, one verse at a time.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
WED1034 Matthew 1
WED1035 Matthew 1:18-2:15
WED1036 Matthew 2:16-3:12
WED1037 Matthew 3:13-4:11
WED1038 Matthew 4:12-5:12
WED1039 Matthew 5:13-30
WED1040 Matthew 5:31-6:8
WED401 Matthew 6:9-34
WED402 Matthew 7:1-29
WED403 Matthew 8:1-17
WED404 Matthew 8:18-34
WED405 Matthew 9:1-13
WED406 Matthew 9:14-26
WED407 Matthew 9:27-10:31
WED408 Matthew 10:28-42
WED409 Matthew 11
WED410 Matthew 12:1-32
WED411 Matthew 12:31-13:17
WED412 Matthew 13:18-52
WED413 Matthew 13:53-14:33
WED414 Matthew 14:34-15:39
WED415 Matthew 16
WED416 Matthew 16:28-17:23
WED417 Matthew 17:24-18:22
WED418 Matthew 18:23-19:9
WED419 Matthew 19:10-20:16
WED420 Matthew 20:17-21:11
WED421 Matthew 21:12-32
WED422 Matthew 21:33-22:22
WED423 Matthew 22:23-46
WED424 Matthew 23
WED425 Matthew 24:1-7
WED426 Matthew 24:6-14
WED427 Matthew 24:15-35
WED428 Matthew 24:36-25:13
WED429 Matthew 25:14-26:13
WED430 Matthew 26:14-56
WED431 Matthew 26:55-27:31
WED432 Matthew 27:32-66
WED433 Matthew 28


These messages feature scriptural teaching on a particular topic. Most were recorded during our Sunday Morning services prior to 2010.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
COM162 Matthew 1 2012 Christmas Eve Communion
COM166 Matthew 27-28 Communion
COM182 Matthew 1 2016 Chritmas Eve Communion
COM193 Matthew 1:18-25 Christmas Eve Communion
SAM187 Matthew 23:37-24:8 Signs of Christ
SAM188 Matthew 24:7-8 Signs of Christ
SAM531 Matthew 9:9 A Man Called Matthew
SAM532 Matthew 1:1 - 1:17 Meet The Family of God
SAM533 Matthew 1:18-25 Mary & Joseph
SAM534 Matthew 2 Come Let Us Worship
SAM535 Matthew 3 Preparing for the Kingdom
SAM536 Matthew 4:1-11 When Temptation Comes
SAM537 Matthew 4:12-25 Fishers of Men
SAM538 Matthew 5:1-12 Kingdom Blessings
SAM539 Matthew 5:10-16 Let Your Light Shine
SAM540 Matthew 5:17-30 Guard Your Heart
SAM541 Matthew 5:31-48 Doing More Than Others
SAM542 Matthew 6:1-18 True Worship
SAM543 Matthew 6:19-34 What About Anxiety?
SAM544 Matthew 7:1-12 Seeing Others More Clearly
SAM545 Matthew 7:13-29 The Choice is Yours
SAM546 Matthew 8:1-4 God's Cleansing
SAM547 Matthew 8:5-16 Things that Amazed Jesus
SAM548 Matthew 8:18-27 The Storms of Life
SAM549 Matthew 8:28-34 The Demoniac
SAM550 Matthew 9:1-8 Healing the Paralyzed
SAM551 Matthew 9:9-17 Old Wine, New Skins
SAM552 Matthew 9:18-26 What About Death?
SAM553 Matthew 9:20-22 Touching Jesus
SAM554 Matthew 9:27-38 The Compassion of Jesus
SAM555 Matthew 10:1-24 Jesus Choosing & Sending
SAM556 Matthew 10:26-42 What About Hell
SAM557 Matthew 11:1-15 John the Baptist
SAM558 Matthew 11:16-30 What About Rest?
SAM559 Matthew 12:1-8 What About Keeping Sabbath?
SAM560 Matthew 12:8-21 Obeying the Impossible
SAM561 Matthew 12:22-37 What About the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
SAM562 Matthew 12:38-50 God's Family
SAM563 Matthew 13:1-23 Hearing God's Word
SAM564 Matthew 13:24-43 Opposing God's Word
SAM565 Matthew 13:44-58 Perceiving God's Kingdom
SAM566 Matthew 14:1-12 Pride and Its Friends
SAM567 Matthew 14:13-21 Resting in God's Provision
SAM568 Matthew 14:22-36 When Our World Falls Apart
SAM569 Matthew 15:1-20 The Empty Tradition of Men
SAM570 Matthew 15:21-31 The Syrophenician Woman
SAM571 Matthew 15:32-16:12 The Warnings of Jesus
SAM572 Matthew 16:13-20 The Big Question
SAM573 Matthew 16:21-27 Discipleship
SAM574 Matthew 17:1-8 The Transfiguration
SAM575 Matthew 17:9-23 Highs & Lows of Our Journey
SAM576 Fear Not, He is Risen Matthew 28:5-6
SAM577 Matthew 17:24-27 Walking With Jesus
SAM578 Matthew 18:1-14 God's Humility
SAM579 Matthew 18:15-35 Forgiveness
SAM580 Matthew 19:1-15 Marriage & Divorce
SAM581 Matthew 19:16-26 Youth, Power & Money
SAM582 Matthew 19:27-20:16 Response Ability
SAM583 Matthew 20:17-28 The Greatest in the Kingdom
SAM584 Matthew 20:29-44 Avoiding the Religious Parade
SAM585 Matthew 21:1-16 Misrepresenting Christ
SAM586 Matthew 21:18-32 Faith in God
SAM587 Matthew 21:33-46 Fruitless Religion
SAM588 Matthew 22:1-14 Still Invited
SAM589 Matthew 22:15-22 Giving Back to God
SAM590 Matthew 22:23-33 In the Resurrection
SAM591 Matthew 22:34-46 Commanded to Love
SAM592 Matthew 23 Religious Hypocrisy
SAM593 Matthew 24:1-8 Are these the Last Days?
SAM594 Matthew 24:9-22 The Days of Antichrist
SAM595 Matthew 24:22-35 The Second Coming
SAM596 Matthew 24:36-51 Watch and Be Ready
SAM597 Matthew 25:1-13 Waiting Wisely
SAM598 Matthew 25:14-46 What We Do Know
SAM599 Matthew 26:1-13 No Regrets
SAM600 Matthew 26:14-16 Judas the Traitor
SAM601 Matthew 26:14-30 The Lord's Supper
SAM602 Matthew 26:30-46 Gethsemane
SAM603 Matthew 26:47-75 Love on Trial
SAM604 Matthew 27:1-25 Pilate Undecided
SAM605 Matthew 27:25-32 Divine Interruptions
SAM606 Matthew 27:45-46 The Central Cry of Christ
SAM607 Matthew 27:57-60 Jesus, Joseph & Nicodemus
SAM609 Matthew 28:1-10 Resurrection & Reunion
SAM867 Matthew 1:18-23 Is Jesus the Messiah?