Verse By Verse

These teachings feature an examination of a selected passage of scripture, one verse at a time.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
WED883 Isaiah 1:1-11
WED884 Isaiah 1:12-2:5
WED885 Isaiah 2:6-4:6
WED886 Isaiah 5:1-6:8
WED887 Isaiah 6:9-7:25
WED888 Isaiah 8:1-9:7
WED889 Isaiah 9:8-11:10
WED890 Isaiah 11:11-13:13
WED891 Isaiah 13:14-14:32
WED892 Isaiah 15-17
WED893 Isaiah 18-19
WED894 Isaiah 20-22
WED895 Isaiah 23-24
WED896 Isaiah 25-27
WED897 Isaiah 28:1-29:8
WED898 Isaiah 29:9-30:33
WED899 Isaiah 31-33
WED900 Isaiah 34-35
WED901 Isaiah 36-37
WED902 Isaiah 38-39
WED903 Isaiah 40
WED904 Isaiah 41:1-42:16
WED905 Isaiah 42:17-44:8
WED906 Isaiah 44:9-45:25
WED907 Isaiah 46-47
WED908 Isaiah 48-49
WED909 Isaiah 50:1-52:6
WED910 Isaiah 52:7-53:10
WED911 Isaiah 53:11-54:17
WED912 Isaiah 55-56
WED913 Isaiah 57-58
WED914 Isaiah 59-60
WED915 Isaiah 61:1-63:9
WED916 Isaiah 63:10-65:17
WED917 Isaiah 65:17-66:24


These messages feature scriptural teaching on a particular topic. Most were recorded during our Sunday Morning services prior to 2010.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
COM170 Isaiah 9 How Christ Came to Our World
SAM421 Isaiah 1:18 God Is Reasonable
SAM422 Isaiah 6:1-8 Seeing God
SAM423 Isaiah 7:14 God's Gracious Promise
SAM424 Isaiah 9:6 Unto us a Child is born
SAM425 Isaiah 12:1-3 Wells of Salvation
SAM426 Isaiah 26:3 Perfect Peace
SAM427 Isaiah 28:16 The Foundation of God
SAM428 Isaiah 30:18 God waits for us
SAM429 Isaiah 33:14 Holy Fire
SAM430 Isaiah 35:8-10 The King's Highway
SAM431 Isaiah 37 Where to go in Trouble
SAM432 Isaiah 40:28-31 Waiting on the Lord
SAM433 Isaiah 42:1-7 Behold the Servant of the Lord
SAM434 Isaiah 50:10 A Word for the Weary
SAM435 Isaiah 52:13-15 God's Servant Exalted
SAM436 Isaiah 53:1-3 God's Humble Servant
SAM437 Isaiah 53:4-6 The Suffering Servant
SAM438 Isaiah 53:7-9 The Silent Servant
SAM439 Isaiah 53:10-12 God's Servant Satisfied
SAM440 Isaiah 55:10-11 God's Power in You
SAM441 Isaiah 55:6-9 God's Immeasurable Grace
SAM443 Isaiah 57:15 God Stoops Down to Us
SAM444 Isaiah 59:1-4 The Truth About Sin
SAM445 Isaiah 59:19 When We're Overwhelmed
SAM446 Isaiah 60:1-3 Walking in the Light
SAM447 Isaiah 61:1-3 Encouraging Words
SAM448 Isaiah 62:10 He Will Lead You Through
SAM449 Isaiah 63:1-6 Mighty to Save
SAM450 Isaiah 63:9 God's Heart Broken For Us
SAM451 Isaiah 64:1-4 Our Hearts Cry
SAM452 Isaiah 55:1-3 Finally Satisfied
SAM453 Isaiah 64:6-8 The Truth About Us All
SAM454 Isaiah 65:1 The Boldness of Grace
SAM455 Isaiah 66:1-5 Where Does God Find Rest
SAM456 Isaiah 66:13 As a Mother Comforts