Our library of teaching from Pastor Joe includes verse-by-verse and topical messages, through the entire Bible, from Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening bible studies.

Verse By Verse

These teachings feature an examination of a selected passage of scripture, one verse at a time.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
WED681 I Kings 1:1-2:2
WED682 I Kings 2:3-3:15
WED683 I Kings 3:16-6:1
WED684 I Kings 6-7
WED685 I Kings 8
WED686 I Kings 9:1-11:8
WED687 I Kings 11:9-12:33
WED688 I Kings 13:1-14:28
WED689 I Kings 14:29-15:34
WED690 I Kings 16:1-17:7
WED691 I Kings 17:8-18:22
WED692 I Kings 18:22-18:40
WED693 I Kings 18:41-19:18
WED694 I Kings 19:19-21:16
WED695 I Kings 21:17-22:53


These messages feature scriptural teaching on a particular topic. Most were recorded during our Sunday Morning services prior to 2010.

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
IFS1902 Mt Carmel
M181 I Kings 18 Rebuilding the Altar
SAM260 I Kings 17:1 Standing in the Gap
SAM261 I Kings 17:1-7 Elijah & the Drying Brook
SAM262 I Kings 17:8-16 Purified by God
SAM263 I Kings 17:17-24 Life After Death
SAM264 I Kings 18:21 Challenge of the Heart
SAM265 I Kings 18:21-40 Fire From Heaven
SAM266 I Kings 18:39-46 Kneeling on God's Promises
SAM267 I Kings 19:1-8 Elijah's Discouragement
SAM268 I Kings 19:9-18 God's Still Small Voice
SAM269 I Kings 19:19-21 The Calling of Elisha
SAM270 I Kings 21 Naboth's Vineyard