Study+ is an occasional podcast where we supplement Pastor Mike's weekly Wednesday night Bible studies at Calvary Chapel by exploring different topics to which particular texts of scripture speak. If we don't cover it on a Wednesday night, you might find a discussion about it here…

  • Christianity and Gay Identity

    Is it wise for Christians to use the identity labels such as "Gay," even if they remain celibate? Mike and Brian discuss the wisdom of using labels like this, and how the scriptures lead us to think about these aspects of our identity.

  • Learning from Paul's Prayers

    The Bible gives us all kinds of instruction to help us learn to pray - especially in the form of recorded prayers themselves. Mike and Brian discuss Paul's prayer in Ephesians 3, and what these prayers have to teach us about our prayer lives.

  • Church Membership

    How should a church keep track of who its members are? Is formal membership the best way to care for the body of Christ? Mike and Brian discuss the pros and cons of formal church membership, and why other options exits.

  • Calvinism, part 1: Introduction

    Mike and Brian begin the first “mini-series” of Study+, looking at how issues raised by 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 impact how we think about two theological systems known as “Calvinism” and “Arminianism.” On this episode, we introduce the next few episodes, and lay the ground work for what we’re going to discuss.

  • Calvinism, part 2: Total Depravity

    When the Bible says that human beings can’t do anything to earn salvation, what does it mean? Mike and Brian discuss the Calvinist doctrine of Total Depravity, and how Christians have thought through the issues involved in different ways through the years.

  • Calvinism, part 3: Unconditonal Election

    The Bible clearly teaches that God reserves the right to sovereignly choose whom He saves from their sins. But what does the Bible teach about how He makes that choice? Mike and Brian discuss the issues raised by the Biblical teachings on Election.

  • Calvinism, part 4: Limited Atonement

    The death of Christ on the cross is our only hope for salvation. But when Christ died on the cross, who did he die for? Mike and Brian discuss the Biblical teaching on the extent of the Atonement.

  • Calvinism, part 5: Irresistable Grace

    "We need God’s grace to be saved—that much is clear from the Scriptures. But what is God’s grace? And how is it that grace saves us? Mike and Brian discuss the commonalities and the distinctions between that Calvinist and Arminian understandings of the Biblical teachings on God’s grace. "

  • Calvinism, part 6: Perseverance of the Saints

    Is it possible for someone who is truly saved to “lose” their salvation, or walk away from Jesus, and not come back? Mike and Brian discuss the Calvinist Doctrine of the Perseverance of the Saints, and other ways the Biblical teachings about the security of the believer have been understood.

  • Calvinism, part 7: Wrap Up

    Mike and Brian discuss final observations and overall take-aways from the issues raised by thinking through how Calvinism and Arminianism interpret the Biblical teachings about salvation.

  • The Intermediate State

    Mike and Brian sit down to discuss 2 Corinthians 5 and how it informs our understanding of what is often called "The Intermediate State," which is the time in between Christ's ascension and his return, including the time a believer personally experiences after they die, but before Christ returns.

  • Jewish People, Gentiles, and the Gospel

    On this episode of Study+, Mike and Brian discuss 2 Corinthians 3:12-16 as it relates to the Biblical status of the people of Israel as God's chosen people, what that means in the plan of God, and how it affects the need of individuals within Israel for salvation through Christ.

  • Spiritual Gifts - Ceasing or Continuing?

    On this episode, Are the Spiritual gifts Paul writes about in 1 Corinthians for today? Should we "desire" them and "seek" them? Mike and Brian discuss the arguments in favor of both "Cessationism" (the view that these spiritual gifts have "ceased") and "Continuationism" (the view that spiritual gifts "continue" through the entire Church Age).

  • Interpreting New Testament Commands

    On this episode of Study+, Mike and Brian discuss how Paul's teaching on head coverings in 1 Corinthians can help us understand the different ways commands in the New Testament can apply to Christians today.

  • Applying the Old Testament Stories

    On this episode of Study+ Pastor Mike and Pastor Brian discuss how 1 Corinthian 11:1-11 helps us understand the various ways we can read the Old Testament stories and find application to our lives, as well as the implications for how we teach the Old Testament in church.

  • 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and Homosexuality

    On this episode of Study+, Mike and Brian discuss how 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 speaks to the issue of homosexuality, and explore issues which affect both church doctrine and church practice.

  • Relevance

    On this episode of Study+, Mike and Brian discuss how 1 Corinthians 1 and 2 address the topic of "relevance" as it relates to church ministry.