Don McClure

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
MR2203 Joshua 24:14-15 The Battle at Home
G765 Habakkuk 1-3 What God is Doing in the World Today
ECPC2207 Matthew 7:21-27 Building on the Rock
G749 I Samuel 17 David & Goliath
ECPC2107 Revelation 2:1-5 Session 7
G726 Isaiah 40 God's People Comforted
ECPC2008 Session 8
MR1904 John 6:15-21
G715 Mark 2:27-28 Jesus Lord of the Sabbath
ECPC1907 Genesis 25:19-34 Jacob and Esau
ECPC1808 I Kings 19:19-21 and II Kings 2:1-15 Session 8
G674 Romans 4
G673 Romans 7
ECPC1708 Joshua 5:13-6:5 Worship and Obedience
G660 Hebrews 12:1-2 Enduring the Cross
G653 Genesis 50:22-26 Joseph's Testimony
ECPC1608 Acts 2:1-4 The Worship of the Spirit
G630 Ezra 1 Real Freedom in Jesus
G629 Nehemiah 1-2:10
ECPC1510 Romans 8:2-13 Session 10
ECPC1504 The Hour Has Come Session 4
G619 Romans 8:2-9 The Law of the Spirit
WR1504 Psalm 119:49-54 Session 4
G617 Acts 4 Responding to Persecution
MR1402 Romans 8:18-23 Trials & Suffering
G615 Exodus 28 Jesus Our High Priest
G594 Mark 5:25-35 The Woman with the Issue of Blood
ECPC1405 Session 5: What is the Servant of God?
ECPC1405i Session 5 Post Interview
MR1303 Joshua 3 Facing Our Battles with God
G576 Joshua 5:13-6:5 Taking Jericho
ECPC1308 II Chronicles 32 King Hezekiah
ECPC1301 Numbers 22 The Error of Balaam
G564 Exodus 25:10-22 The Ark of the Covenant
G563 Phillipians 1:1-10 A Bondservant
G560 Matthew 6:10 Thy Kingdom Come
G558 Matthew 6:9 Our Father in Heaven
ECPC1207 Acts 14 Victory is in the Christian Life
ECPC1203 Numbers 13 Caleb - A Man with a Different Spirit
MC1203 Judges 6
MM1201 Psalm 3
G550 Philippians 1:12-26 Life Happens
MR1105 Session 5
G547 Romans 4:1-8 Real Justification
G546 Psalm 124 Caught in the Snare
G540 Genesis 28 Jacob
G507 Romans 5 Glory and Tribulation
G508 Romans 6:1-13 Know Ye Not…
G473 Habakkuk God's Plan & Discipline
G474 Genesis 22 Abraham's Faith
G460 Deuteronomy 3:27-4:14 "The Reason to Live"
G461 Deuteronomy 9 "Keys to Spiritual Blessing"
G448 II Kings 5 Naman
G425 Romans 6 Reckoning the Old Man Dead
G404 Luke 1 Your Christmas Desire
G403 Psalm 23
G395 Acts 1