Damian Kyle

Teaching # Scripture Title Watch Listen Download
G766 Psalm 131
ECPC2303 Zechariah 1:7-17 Session 3: Encouragments from Zechariah's Visions
G721 II Timothy 2:6 Farming
G705 Romans 8:33-34 No Condemnation
ECPC1903 I Corinthians 4:1-5 7 Reasons to Remain Faithful
G661 II Samuel 15:13-23 The Cost of Loyalty
ECPC1706 Acts 18:24-28 Exalt Humility
G620 Isaiah 18 If God Is at Peace, I Can Be at Peace
ECPC1505 Psalm 119 Part 1 Session 5
ECPC1506 Psalm 119 Part 2 Session 6
G589 John 11 When Love Delays
ECPC1410 Hebrews 12 Session 10: Let Us Run with Endurance
ECPC1410i Session 10 Post Interview
ECPC1404i Session 4 Post Interview
ECPC1404 Hebrews 11 Session 4: Protect Your Hope by Faith
ECPC1309 Luke 14 Taking the Lower Place
G572 John 18:28-38 "I find no fault in Him"
ECPC1304 Revelation 3 Seeking the Holy Spirit
G479 Numbers 6:22-27 "A Blessing God"