Mark 10:46-52
Eyesight vs Insight


Jeremiah 40:1-43:7

Jesus on Marriage & Divorce

The religious leaders come to Jesus, in Mark chapter 10, and try to damage His reputation by asking about divorce. Instead of answering the question directly, Jesus instructs them on God's design and intent for marriage. The relevance of this message cannot be understated as our modern day culture strives to redefine marriage.

Bobby Hargraves - The Role of Christian Men

As Christian men living in an ever changing world, we need all the encouragement we can get. Listen as Pastor Bobby shares from numerous New Testament passages about the challenges and the blessings of being a man who follows God.

To be Great in God's Kingdom - Mark 10:35-45

As the disciples are once again arguing about who would be the greatest, Jesus shares with them the central theme of Marks Gospel that life is about serving, not being served.